JUANFUNS Travel/Safety

Juanfuns Travel Safety Tips:

1) Never migrate outside an area that does not have officials,and or police presence.

2) Do not travel alone at night without some one knowing where you might venture to.It is best to Notify Hotel Administrator,Friends,and any one with knowledge of your whereabouts....

3)Take Taxis that have signs on them (marked cars).Never get into a Taxi with more than one person (specifically the driver only)Unmarked cars around the taxi zone could pose trouble if their soliciting a ride.

4) If walking ,its best to walk only in Bright lights,less dim or dark areas should be avoided.

5)If traveling on foot,its best to travel in pairs,or groups.

6)A Translator or tour guide ,or local would improve the navigation situation.

7)It is advisable for a Tourist or Traveler to refrian from using US currency in a foreign Country with Transactions or paying for goods.

8)Its is advisable to exchange Foreign Currency into local currency in that Country.The exchange rate is generally favorable.

9)If converting currency,avoid individuals (called coyotes);who are in the streets,or in seedy areas, who offer higher exchange rates.These individuals have been known to used counterfeit local currency in exchange/transactions.

10)If a Taxi is not a first priority in seeking transportation.Local Buses,Mopeds ( or Gua-Guas and Motoconchos) are visible secondary means of legitimate transportation.For a fraction of Taxi fare ,Buses offer a touristy view of local city blocks and land marks.Local currency/change is expected when using secondary transportation.

11)When using Buses with luggage,it is essential to keep an eye on your personal belonging(Bags,Purses,personal valued items.)Bus tour companies do not offer insurance on lost,stolen goods.

12) When meeting a date in a Foreign Country,going back to her place on the first date is not recommended.As a foreigner to locals ,its a good idea to stay around the general tourist area...
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