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 Mexico(Mexico City is the Capital City)

Mexican Culture~ Mexico is one of Latin Americas Established"Middle Income" Countries.A Federation consisting of 31 States.The 103 million people of Mexico live mostly in Urban Mexico areas .Mexico City,Guadalajara,Monterrey,and Toluca are representative States with a large Urban population.Mexico is the leading Country in Tourism ,and Tourist population.

Mexican Language~ The Official Language of Mexico is Spanish.

Mexican Currency~The Currency of Mexico is The Peso. 

Mexican Carnaval 2011~ Carnaval events vary in Mexico,but may be the second most popular event in North America ,next to Mardi Gras. Mexico has been known as a Spring break getaway.Also,Mexico is a well traveled vacation spot for many people of all ages.In February 2011, Mexico will host Carnaval events in Several States/Cities: Mazatlan,Playa Del Carmen,and Mexico City.Smaller celebrations are enjoyed in Ensenada,La Paz,and Veracruz. The Carnaval de Mazatlan attracts up to 300,000 participants,and a large number of onlookers.Mazatlan is a well known popular party town .

The energy of Carnaval and the many festivities included ,brings record crowds to witness the mayhem of the event. Sometimes , onlookers may be able to participate! Cascarones(confetti filled eggshells); are a popular "friendly" weapon used to throw at onlookers.....Many live bands are booked to perform during Carnaval events.If you pay attention ,very popular local Celebrities and Actors are usually present at Carnaval.Carnaval de Mazatlan(February 11th to 16th 2011);other Carnaval events(February-February 29th 2011).

Mexicos Nightlife~ Mexicos Nightlife just got more fun! A short distance away from the United States ,means Mexico is one of the most visited getaway and vacation destinations around.From Cancun to Acapulco, Mexico delivers an exciting and vibrant Nightlife along with a variety of activities to do during the day.Although most people migrate towards Mexicos exotic locales during Spring Break (February to May 2010); All year Nightlife Venues are open to one and all! It is imperative to experience the Nightlife, while visiting Mexico.

Mexicali,Mexico is known for having several Irish Pubs and Karaoke Bars.They are Venues where you can have a great time, by yourself or with friends.Pure entertainment surrounds the City of Mexicali.Many Classy lounges are open ,as well as Cafes.If you find yourself in Mexicali ,be sure to check out the fine Cantinas(establishments with a sports bar concept,restaurant,and bar all under one roof).

In Tijuana, you may find young College types during Spring Break hanging out in the Club scene.A Big Party Spot during the break is along the street, or Avenida called " The Revo" .Avenida "Revo"lucion is in the downtown Tijuana area.Many Clubs,Bars and Lounges are located along Revolucion.

Several other fine States/Cities of Mexico from Rosarito, to Ensenada, and Cabo San Lucas are similar Nightlife havens ,that offer the perfect atmosphere during the Nightlife,and also an incredible time.

In Guadalajara, There is an ambient,upbeat mood spreading along Guadalajaras "Zona Centro".Clubs,Bars, Lounges and Cantinas are literally everywhere.Coffee Bars are also located within State/City limits.During the Week ,some establishments have theme nights,while others are decked out with European Flair,and appeal.

In a City with a reputation for drawing Tourism in,Guadalajara Night life does not disappoint.

Over 24 million people reside in Mexico City.During the day,Bullfights are Culturally a great event to attend.At night ,Mexico City is an amusing,entertaining City .Several Clubs,Bars and and Lounges are virtually open as early as 6 P.M. "Avenida Campos Eliseos" is an Avenue with a wide array of popular Clubs,and Cantinas open to serve up a great time. On "Avenida Insurgentes Sur",elements of Culture,Music,and goodtimes are offered through several establishments in this area.Pianos Bars and live variety shows are popular establishments along Avenue Insurgentes.In the "Plaza Mazarik area",very well known Venues ,such as COCO BONGO,is part of Mexico Cities liveliness. Once you step in to COCO BONGO ,you are expected to have an unforgettable time.Coco Bongo plays top 40 , Disco, and Latin favorites. Another Vibrant spot after Dark in Mexico City,is La Valentina(also located in Plaza Marzarik). La Valentina is an awesome Latin Music Bar with an inspired crowd.

Cancun is a one of the most Beautiful Destinations,while visiting Mexico.One reason why Cancun rocks,is the Hot Nightlife.So many tourist flock to Cancun to get their party on.In 2010,well known establishments such as Coco Bongos(located in the tourist zone) give you "the right to party hard". The Hard Rocking world famous HARD ROCK CAFE,is also a great place to enjoy a great time.Some other Venues like SENOR FROGS, and DADDY "O" 's(located in Cancuns tourist zone); are other places that guarantee a fabulous time.

If you prefer to getaway from the Tourist Zone.ISLE DE MUJERES(an island off the Coast of Cancun);is a short boat trip from the City area.(Tour Guides offer daily trips);

Shops, Bars,and Cantinas are plentiful once you arrival on Isle of Mujeres.Party tours are available throughout Cancun.Some tours may include Bar Hopping and/or roundtrips to and from The Isle of Mujeres.

Playa Del Carmen is also a reason to travel to Cancun.Playa Del Carmen is located Southwest of Cancun.It is approximately an hours drive, from Cancun.Playa Del Carmen is the last stop for many travelers ,who prefer to migrate to the Beautiful Island of Cozumel.On "5th Avenida"(avenue),in Playa Del Carmen,there are an array of Shops,Bars ,Cantinas,and Clubs open every day.After dark,the Nightlife Venues have high-energy dance crowds, as well as curious party goers.

There are chartered Boats and Ferries that leave from Playa Del Carmen to Cozumel,on a daily basis.Much like Playa Del Carmen,Cozumel is twice the fun to be had in Playa Del Carmen.Excellent scubadiving by day,and Bar hopping by night is the norm while in Cozumel.If you partake in Cozumels Nightlife ,be prepared to party all night.Party tours are available on a daily basis.

Situated on the West coast of Mexico ,Acapulco is an incredible City to see.Acapulco has a stunning view from virtually anywhere in the City.Acapulco is also a fine spot to party at Night.CLUB BABY O's(located along the tourist area along Miguel Aleman Avenida);is a Venue with unique decor,a european appeal,and property that is considered a "state of the art" facility.Club Baby O is also a Restaurant Bistro Bar during daytime hours.The Clubs DJ spins an assortment of tunes.Rock and Roll ,Top 40 ,and Latin.

The nightlife Venues in Acapulco offers different music genres for all, who just wants to boogie.CLUB DISCO,The PALLADIUM,and CLUB ALEBRIJE are other Venues open at night.Themed nights like laser shows, and ladies night ,bring capacity crowds to Acapulco.

Mazatlan,Mexico is part of Central Mexicos increasing tourism.What draws people to Central Mexicos Vacation destination?

Well for one,The Beaches along the coast offers one tourist crazed outdoor Venue.Another tourist draw ,may be the appealing Nightlife in Mazatlan.In Mazatlans "Zona Dorado district",Entertaining nitelife Venues are open throughout the night.Clubs,Bars,and Cantinas are everywhere.

MANGOS(located around Zona Dorado);is home to Beautiful faces,and High energy dance music.Over on "Avenida Del Mar",SENOR FROGS,a well known world wide club, cranks up music to a festive crowd.

Another an Honorable mention,is The EL COLISEO(located within City limits);and is a large venue with a variety of different acts,as well as live music.

Monterrey Mexico is likely to be considered the Technological Capital Center and not a City with any type of nightlife.Nonetheless,the City of Monterrey thrives with a unique shouldnt be hard to find a Venue to your liking ,when in Monterrey.Spanish Rock is a favorite music genre.Other Venues tend to play what ever is popular.Top 40 ,Latin and Jazz are other genres that will probably please the ear.Mariachi Grupo Bands( Grupo band are culturally inherited music like latin,tejano); perform throughout the week at many of Monterreys Nighttime Venues.

If your searching for a Meet,Mingle and Dance;Monterreys Barrio Antiguo(is the Historic District with several Nightlife Venues)is the place to be.The scene around Antiguo offers the opportunity to meet locals,and enjoy an unforgettable time.CLUB NIRVANA(located on Real San Agustin);is an alternative Venue.Also Cafe Iguana( located along Padre Mier and Barrio Antiguo)offers a casual,comfortable hang-out spot. 

Editors 2007 visit  "Spending a week in Cancun offered me the pleasure of enjoying seven days of vacation fun. So from the hotel,I caught the passenger ferry in Puerto Juarez around noon to the Isle Mujers(island of woman).The isle is peaceful during the day.Many activities like swimming with dolphins can consume your vacation hours,as it did mine.At night Isle Mujer is festive with many bars open as I watched the moons glared reflection off the Ocean.After hanging out til about 8pm. I took the return voyage back to Cancuns Centro area .The next stop is a bar hopping detail,starting with DADY-O s night club WWW.DADY-O-NET

Editors 2007 visit   "Dady-O s is night club with good ratio of more woman and a ultra hip atmosphere.After feeling the vibe in Dady-O s for a couple of hours,the next stop on the hop was the real deal thrill @ Club Coco Bongo. Cocobongo led me until 2 am in the morning and to my pleasure Club CocoBogo was incredible,amazing fun .A venue with shows and beautiful people. WWW.COCOBONGO.COM.MX

Editors 2007 visit "The next day a friend picks me up for a journey to Aqua tours and Jungletours.The tour guide made me appreciate Cancun turismo service.The aquatic species and the natural beauty of wild life.A day later our voyage takes us to Playa del Carmen via Cozumel(the land of dolphins and world class snorkeling),and then an hour drive from Playa Del Carmen to Tulum, see the ancient ruins on a steep mouintainous atmosphere over looking the Caribbean Sea".WWW.AQUABUSCACANCUN.COM













Mexicos Attractions and Recreation Activities~ Go where mangroves tree are present and palm trees serve as a backdrop. The tourist area of PIE DE LA CUESTA,is also a town with a history of a 1985 action film. This area is tourist friendly,and is an hour or so drive from Acapulco,Mexico.Be adventurous by participating in activities Pie de la cuesta has to offer. The jungle type,palm tree included habitat of COYUCA LAGOON,welcome guest from all over to enjoy a day of fun and excitement. River boat shuttles,waterskiing ,wakeboarding,and boating are a few available activities upon arrival.

Over in Mexico City,The Thriving Capital City of Mexico ,attractions are plentiful.

Places of Historical significance headline Mexico Citys Extracurricular fun.Other attractions include the Citys scenic Parks,and Museums with statues of Mexicos past heroes,and very fine art work.THE FRANZ MAYER MUSEUM(located in Mexico City); is one of them.

The colonial well preserved city of Coyoacan,Mexico has Museums with exhibit display from Mexicos great creators.

The vibrant ,popular citys like Cancun,Playa Del Carmen,Mazatlan,Acapulco and Monterrey offer a exciting Attractions,Activities and Recreation from daylight to dusk.