JUANFUN Model of the year 2013 contest-CANCELLED

Due to unforseen circumstances JUANFUNS Model of the year contest has been cancelled .JUANFUNS Model of the Summer contest will begin January 1st or right after the 1st photo shoot with our beautiful modelos.COntest rules for 2014 have been changed accordingly. JUANFUN will have a minimum of 10 models for our Summer contest.Each Model will have to sign a waiver form and show Cedula/ or I.D. to prove age . Each Model has to have a minimum of 500 votes,in order to qualify for JUANFUNS finals on MAY 27 , 2014-last day of contest.1000 votes are needed to be considered to win our contest .Of Course ,JUANFUN WILL PAYOUT $1000 DOLLARS CASH or equivalent payed out in Countries monetary value. Friends ,Family,JUANFUN guest can vote @